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Customer Stories

JC and Liz

Cozy Corner Cottage is a wonderful place to stay in the Valley! This fully equipped cottage is near Woflville, many wonderful wineries, Cape Blomidon, Scott's Bay and the list goes on and on. Angela and Mike are very easy to deal with and have made this cottage feel like home. It is very warmly decorated and they have provided everything to make your stay relaxing and enjoyable. We will stay here again the next time we return to the Valley. … read more

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Rates & Fees

Rental Deposit:
A deposit of $ 350 is required and due at least 45 days prior to the Check-in Date. This ensures that the
week(s) you have requested to rent are held for you. This deposit is put towards the total cost of the rental fee.

Damage Deposit:
We do not charge a damage deposit.  However, should anything become broken or damaged, please notify us immediately to discuss replacement cost.  We appreciate your co-operation on this policy.

Cancellation Policy:
If the Guest wishes to cancel his or her reservation, the DEPOSIT will be refunded as follows:
  • 100 % if cancelled more than 30 days prior to the Check-in Date.
  • 50 % if cancelled between 15 and 29 days prior to Check-in Date.
  • 0 % if cancelled 14 days or less prior to Check-in Date.

We strongly encourage visitors from outside of Canada to purchase travel insurance.

Acceptable payment methods are Money order, Certified Cheque, or e-mail transfer to  Please note that at this time, we are unable to take payment by credit card or personal cheque.   If you would like to pay with credit card, please visit our site out at TripAdvisor (Listing 7037551), Cottages in Canada (DI-21563) or Canada Stays (334063) for credit card payment.
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